Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life is Beautiful...

Isn't it … For those who already feel life is beautiful, can take some rest and make it beautiful for others too… let us concentrate on people who deliberately looking for a beautiful life.

Like it
Listen it
Learn it
Live it
Laugh it
Love it

Nothing is impossible in this world… Whatever may be the size of the problem is, first the sole reason it appears, as a problem is you… The Key aspect here is that the size of the problem doesn’t matters at all, but what matters is how we go about it, how do we feel ourselves and take each situation in life… If you feel right the first time, take it easy and think as if there was no problem and always keep in mind “whatever it may be there is always a way to overcome it, may be a problem, may it be a overwhelming joy, sadness whatever it may be, you always have a way to overcome it” .

There is always a tomorrow, but live as today is the last day in your life, give your best, be happy at any means but without hurting others. For some reason we never knew how it is going to be, but to a surprise, it is always in our hands… The world is there out for us, if one chance denies our request there is always a second chance. We need to understand though there might be so many thoughts running in our mind, we need to ensure to prove ourselves about the reasons for our living,

Have we ever wondered something unusual? We are always able to find a solution for the problems of our friends and but none for our own problems.  The reason behind that is, our own problems are created within, we fear for something, which rises as a problem and it is the same fear, which avoids us from deriving a solution.

FOR A BEAUTIFUL LIFE… We need to start changing our thinking, by changing our thinking we change our beliefs, when our beliefs are changed, our expectation changes, which in turn changes ours attitude. For all those who do not know what important role attitude plays in our life, ATTITUDE is the key character for each person, which destines how we react and reach out to people vice versa… Attitude decides how we have projected ourselves to the outside world. So when our attitude changes, our behavior changes, which at last change our LIFE.

Changes in Thinking, Belief, Expectations, Attitude, Behavior will change our LIFE…

Lets hope for the Best, Join Hands and build a beautiful life not only for others but for this whole world. Lets build a beautiful world. !!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


" Blaming has become extremely common in our culture. On a personal level, it has led us to believe that we are never completely responsible for our own actions, problems, or happiness. When we are in the habit of blaming others, we will blame others for our anger, frustration, depression, stress, and unhappiness "

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love - - - - ?

       We always hear people say, "I met so-and-so, and a year later we were married." That first encounter is what starts them on their journey. It's the fork in their life's road. One day, life is going a certain way, but then you've met your match, and life is even better. At certain points we all feel alone, but then someone meets us soul to soul, and it's a beautiful experience.

                       Life can have fewer happy surprises the older we get, and people like to listen to stories that wow us, For married couples, it's a way of connecting with others on one of the happiest times in their life. It brings them back to the memory of why they fell in love.

                    I learned that joy can't be scheduled. One woman called a wrong number and ended up falling in love with the man who picked up! Another woman went on a blind date and knew she would marry him the second she saw him. Those stories give us a sense of wonder that things can turn on a dime. Another couple got engaged in first grade. He passed her a note in class asking if she would marry him; she wrote yes. They started dating when they were 16 and married after graduating tech school. Even if they didn't know it right away, once they had that "aha" moment, they never looked back. They were overtaken by a sense of This is right, and there is so much joy in that feeling

                   Many poems, stories and songs have been written about love. The power of this unseen concept is immense. It does not exist in the animal kingdom; but in the human realm, love is a powerful force. So powerful that if little babies do not experience love from someone, such as their parents, they will die. It is a concept that is abused among humans. The need to be loved is such a strong force that we often make very poor choices to fulfill it. We may not voice our need, but it drives us from within.

If a person really does love you, he or she will do everything possible to insure your well-being.  
       All of us need to learn this. It should be clear that if someone expresses love for you but then brings you into danger or encourages you to do something that may hurt you, that is not love. It may be fulfilling some need or drive within that person and our response may be fulfilling some drive within ourselves. Only when those drives are healthy, right and good does real love exist.

        I have often heard of young people saying to one another: “If you love me, you will…” Often, the result is that the person does what the other asks to prove their love. That is not love at all from either party. First of all, if a person really does love you, he or she would never ask you to do something that might cause you to lose self-respect, dignity, the respect of others or cause tension within your family. These days the request is all too often related to a sexual act. Such a request does not reflect true love at all. The response doesn’t either. You do not need to degrade yourself to prove your love to someone.

             It seems so difficult to get this through our heads. True love improves and brings joy and all the good things of life. Statements such as “If you love me, you will…” (tolerate my drinking, satisfy my needs, forgive me for hitting you, overlook my foul temper, etc.) are all examples of anything but true love. They are requests that are an attempt to use love as a force to make the other person do something that overlooks your own weakness or faults.

The need to be loved is such a strong force that we often make very poor choices to fulfill it.

         How pleasant it would be if we could learn this in our marriages. Men and women come to love one another through sharing the experiences of life, bringing children into the world, building a home and planning for the future together. All too often, though, the mutual respect and focus on the well-being of the other is lacking.

          We are human and we are physical. We get tired and have emotional highs and lows. There are times when we feel blue, and perhaps we feel hurt or not wanted. Stresses can build up to the point of a breakdown. Job pressures, physical changes, family struggles and other factors of life all play a role in damaging the pure minded attempt to really show love to one another. In some way every marriage or relationship goes through such highs and lows. That is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel despondent about. True love edifies, makes better, improves and brings joy and all the good things of life.


The next time you say “I love you,” I trust you will be thinking of what you can do to let that person know you sincerely want their happiness and well-being. It is in giving that we gain the most. You receive love only when you first give it away.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Living

There have been many thronging in my life which has leaded me thru different unavoidable scenarios, which you wouldn’t have imagined at all!!! Though there are numerous good stuffs but one bad has hurt as much as thousand good ones….

Basic Needs!!! People don’t understand or doesn’t want to understand the difference between basic needs and luxurious needs in simple terms its NEED & WANT … You eat is a basic need but you eat in a five star hotel is luxurious need…. You wear normal cloths are basic but wearing silk clothing is luxurious… Why do we forget that there are people who don’t have their basic needs fulfilled…. Ohhh let me first explain what I define here as basic needs… Food, Shelter, Cloths…

As Law says there could be any number of criminals who could be let free but not even one should be punished who never did a mistake … Likewise we need to have a human rights law saying there could be any number of rich people but there should not even be one poor… Yes … It’s the long time burn in my heart for the poor people, I wanted to share with you all today; there should not be even one Poor in this world… Why is there are poor people in this world, I met a Rich Person, who argued saying they work hard and that’s why they are rich… So does that mean Poor People Doesn’t want to Work??? I have not heard from any poor saying they don’t want to work… It’s just that they never got an opportunity to work.

Wake up Friends, What Do We get by eating in a five star hotel, Drink a scotch Whiskey, Wear a Silk Suit, go around the city on a BMW. Again my Point is that, there is nothing wrong in any number of people being rich but let’s ensure that there is no poor on this earth… You Might see in this real Time world, Rich gets richer and poor get poorer….

When a poor invests 100rs he get a profit of 10rs but when a rich invest 100 crores he gets a profit of 10crores which matters... It’s the same 10% Profit for both of them, the rich invests huge money and gets higher returns…. But the 10% Profit is not enough for the Poor’s survival while the rich adds more to his wallet…. Lets give them an Oppurtunity... May be when told from their words , Lets give them a life, and a life time acheivement for you !!!

                          In India, The division of resources, as well as wealth, is very uneven - this disparity creates different poverty ratios for different states. For instance, states such as Delhi and Punjab have very low poverty ratios. On the other hand, 40-50% of the populations in Bihar and Orissa live below the poverty line. Likewise this is a world wide issue, It doesnt mean that in Delhi and punjab there were less poor from the beginning, it was of the same ratio as other places, but as days went by Humans were treated equally wihtout any partiality.... :-) ... The same should happen all over the world....
There are many ways to help the poverty line disappear… Let’s employ them in our household works??? Lets spend 10% of our Daily Spending for them??? Is that Still a Tough work around ? You don’t have give them money and help them,… When you have so much place to sleep, cant we accomdate a couple of them in our home rather than letting them sleep in the streets ? When we waste so much food all around, being unable to eat cant we serve food to 2 people a day ? Lets Join Hands Friends… Don’t wait for others to start doing and then for you to do it … You start it and let the world follow you …. Lets make it a habit to serve the needed … may be that’s the reason why we are here… Doesn’t mean to cut down your fun, enjoyment, but its no harm to cut down just 10% of your daily enjoyments and fun, when they don’t have even 1% of their basic needs…

THINK & ACT   .... Jai Hind