Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lucky !!!

Lucky, we have heard many times, people around say, ahhh this time i had been very lucky, due to my luck i have achieved something !!! For a Few Luck always Favours, and few of them, always considers themselves unlucky. Is there something reallly Lucky or Unlucky ???

Luck or chance is an event which occurs beyond one's control, without regard to one's will, intention or desired result. We need to understand what Luck means.,
  • Luck can be good or bad.
  • Luck can be accident or chance.
  • Luck applies to an entity.
Some examples of luck:
  • Finding a valuable object or money
  • Winning an event despite negative logical assumptions
  • You correctly guess an answer in a quiz which you did not know.
  • Avoiding an accident at the last moment
  • Being born in a wealthy family
Hypothetically, in a godless universe, there are bound to be people who suffer from extraordinary bad luck, statistically speaking. The odds against anyone being that person are probably rather large, considering all of the opportunities for good and bad luck to take effect, but, for argument's sake, let us suppose that you suffer from bad luck and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If you're going to suffer from bad luck no matter what, then the only thing that you can really do is alter your perception of the world around you, and maybe even redefine what it means to be "lucky." I don't mean for you to put a sh-eating grin on your face and think happy thoughts all of the time, but just relax and enjoy the ride. You're here, life sucks, that's it. Use it. I don't know how. Write angsty poetry about how God has it out for you, or about that one love you'll never get back, or the job and dreams that will never come your way. Write stories about it, or paint, or just stand next to people who are having a bad day and point out that you're doing much worse and they should cheer up.
If your bad luck holds out, then whatever you do will be stolen by someone else and they'll make a crapton of money from it and you'll be stuck right where you are now, looking on Yahoo Answers for some glimmer of hope.

 It's about perspective. Maybe your life is the worst, but I bet it isn't. If you want to be happier, do things for other people. Volunteer and do some good. The more you do, the more people will be drawn to you. Smile and sing for no reason. Some people will hate it and some people will love it. Be you as big and as best as you can, and someone, somewhere will be drawn to it.

But really, there is no need for hope. Life isn't worth it. It's totally pointless. I mean that in the most positive way. Even the luckiest person in the world, who succeeds at everything will one day die and rot in the ground and be forgotten by the world that will be devoured by the sun that will burn out and spiral ever inward as the galaxy collapses on itself and the universe degenerates into a swirling nothing of supermassive black holes and thermal energy. Even this will be ripped apart as quantum fluctuations shred the very fabric of what we consider reality, and a new universe stretches its physics-less mass and obliterates even the very molecules that once made you and me.
Keep things in perspective.

Once i read an article, if you give both the "lucky" and the "unlucky" people a newspaper and asked them to look through it and tell them how many photographs were inside. We can find that on average the unlucky people took two minutes to count all the photographs, whereas the lucky ones determined the number in a few seconds.
How could the "lucky" people do this? Because they found a message on the second page that read, "Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper." So why didn't the unlucky people see it? Because they were so intent on counting all the photographs that they missed the message.

"Unlucky people miss chance opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else. They go to parties intent on finding their perfect partner, and so miss opportunities to make good friends. They look through the newspaper determined to find certain job advertisements and, as a result, miss other types of jobs. Lucky people are more relaxed and open, and therefore see what is there, rather than just what they are looking for."

People who we often consider lucky are more relaxed and open to what's going on around them. They're not focused on a single task, blocking out everything else so much that they miss something important and unexpected. What this experiment demonstrates is that luck may not so much be luck, but whether or not our mindset leaves us open to opportunities we would otherwise miss because we're so absolutely sure of what we want.

If I had to drive through five sets of traffic lights - if all the lights change to red every time I get to them then that is unlucky regardless of how "open" I am.
Than again, maybe if the lights had all been green I would be in a different place at a different time, which might result in some other incident occurring that could be considered unlucky. In which case the fact that the lights were red would actually be "lucky".

The difference between Lucky and Unlucky in three words, Depth of focus. A have a friend that will NEVER find a girlfriend. Why? because he is aiming for the "ultra hottie" and he does not have the assets to pull that off. He says he is unlucky, I say he's sets his sights too high with too narrow of a depth of field. I set my sights wide angle with an infinite depth of focus and zoom in when needed, then zoom back out when I am done with that task.
The number of people I see every day that walk their daily routine with blinders on is amazing. I find money on the ground a LOT, I tend to notice things, I also notice that every time I find cash, I will watch 5-20 people walk right past it without noticing it. They are too busy with what they are used to, cant deviate from my ritual every morning. Cant change. These same people also do not notice a glorious sunrise, or that the Buttercups bloomed this morning, I stopped and picked one... They see their narrow path, do what I did yesterday... morning ritual, must not deviate.....
You make your own luck, just like you make your own success. Typically those that make one always make the other. The key to luck is that most people will not bother with paying attention. That fact makes it easier for those of us that do.

I'm lucky because I always pick up pennies.
Seriously though, I consider myself a lucky person because bad things don't just happen to me. If something does go wrong, it's usually because I made a bad or wrong choice, not because the world is out to get me. I do pickup pennies though because they're free money and it's fun

Considering yourself lucky doesn't mean you *are* lucky. Those are different things entirely. It's the same as considering yourself nice, or charitable, or a good driver, or smart — it doesn't mean that you actually *are*. The study should have come up with an objective definition of "lucky", and used it, not a blatantly subjective one that is susceptible to self-identity biases.
All we get from this that observant — and gullible — people feel lucky.
How did the lucky people know that the message on page 2 was not a lie? They wouldn't have been so lucky if it had been a lie, now would they? 

Ironically perhaps, the "unlucky" people — who determined the answer for themselves — are confident they got the right number. The "lucky" people who believed the message take it on faith — from an anonymous, unreliable source — and don't *really* know.
If you want to succeed, be dumb? I certainly hope not.

Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Think you have no control over how lucky you are in life? Psychologist Richard Wiseman says think again. Turns out you can learn to be a luckier person just by changing how you look at the world around you.

Wiseman studied the lives of 400 people over the course of 10 years and watched for any lucky breaks or chance encounters—both good and bad—they had along the way. He discovered that some people are prone to worse luck than others, but it may be possible to create your own good fortune by tweaking your perspective on things.
In interviews with the study's volunteers, he realized that unlucky people are typically more anxious and tend to more hyperfocused on the specifics of a situation. Lucky people, on the other hand, are more laid-back and open to whatever opportunities present themselves.

My research revealed that lucky people generate good fortune via four basic principles.
    • They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities,
    • Make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition,
    • Create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and
    • Adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Wiseman says by honing skills like listening to your intuition and simply expecting to be lucky, you can actually increase the chance good fortune will find its way to you. In fact, 80% of the volunteers in his study group who tried this approach, ended up feeling like their luck had changed for the better.

What's your take on creating your own luck in life? Do you think it's possible to break out of a pattern of misfortune, or are we pretty much destined to just deal with whatever life has in store for us? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Be lucky - it's an easy skill to learn

Luck Favors the Prepared !!!  

Luck isn't just about being at the right place at the right time, but also about being open to and ready for new opportunities !!!