Monday, January 11, 2010

The Living

There have been many thronging in my life which has leaded me thru different unavoidable scenarios, which you wouldn’t have imagined at all!!! Though there are numerous good stuffs but one bad has hurt as much as thousand good ones….

Basic Needs!!! People don’t understand or doesn’t want to understand the difference between basic needs and luxurious needs in simple terms its NEED & WANT … You eat is a basic need but you eat in a five star hotel is luxurious need…. You wear normal cloths are basic but wearing silk clothing is luxurious… Why do we forget that there are people who don’t have their basic needs fulfilled…. Ohhh let me first explain what I define here as basic needs… Food, Shelter, Cloths…

As Law says there could be any number of criminals who could be let free but not even one should be punished who never did a mistake … Likewise we need to have a human rights law saying there could be any number of rich people but there should not even be one poor… Yes … It’s the long time burn in my heart for the poor people, I wanted to share with you all today; there should not be even one Poor in this world… Why is there are poor people in this world, I met a Rich Person, who argued saying they work hard and that’s why they are rich… So does that mean Poor People Doesn’t want to Work??? I have not heard from any poor saying they don’t want to work… It’s just that they never got an opportunity to work.

Wake up Friends, What Do We get by eating in a five star hotel, Drink a scotch Whiskey, Wear a Silk Suit, go around the city on a BMW. Again my Point is that, there is nothing wrong in any number of people being rich but let’s ensure that there is no poor on this earth… You Might see in this real Time world, Rich gets richer and poor get poorer….

When a poor invests 100rs he get a profit of 10rs but when a rich invest 100 crores he gets a profit of 10crores which matters... It’s the same 10% Profit for both of them, the rich invests huge money and gets higher returns…. But the 10% Profit is not enough for the Poor’s survival while the rich adds more to his wallet…. Lets give them an Oppurtunity... May be when told from their words , Lets give them a life, and a life time acheivement for you !!!

                          In India, The division of resources, as well as wealth, is very uneven - this disparity creates different poverty ratios for different states. For instance, states such as Delhi and Punjab have very low poverty ratios. On the other hand, 40-50% of the populations in Bihar and Orissa live below the poverty line. Likewise this is a world wide issue, It doesnt mean that in Delhi and punjab there were less poor from the beginning, it was of the same ratio as other places, but as days went by Humans were treated equally wihtout any partiality.... :-) ... The same should happen all over the world....
There are many ways to help the poverty line disappear… Let’s employ them in our household works??? Lets spend 10% of our Daily Spending for them??? Is that Still a Tough work around ? You don’t have give them money and help them,… When you have so much place to sleep, cant we accomdate a couple of them in our home rather than letting them sleep in the streets ? When we waste so much food all around, being unable to eat cant we serve food to 2 people a day ? Lets Join Hands Friends… Don’t wait for others to start doing and then for you to do it … You start it and let the world follow you …. Lets make it a habit to serve the needed … may be that’s the reason why we are here… Doesn’t mean to cut down your fun, enjoyment, but its no harm to cut down just 10% of your daily enjoyments and fun, when they don’t have even 1% of their basic needs…

THINK & ACT   .... Jai Hind

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